Monday, April 7, 2014

Business Cards

One of the most important elements you need for your business. Business cards are a great way to inform others about your business, they are compact, and you can carry them around in your pocket.

A couple years ago I ordered 1000 business cards. I still have about 600 of those business cards left over and I can't use them because the information is out dated.

I noticed with clients, information changes, ideas happen and then your business card gets outdated really quick. Diminishing your return on investment. I discovered that ordering 250 business cards is just the right amount. By the time those business cards are used up, you can make changes and have a fresh new business card.

At 919 Graphic Design, LLC you get 250 business cards with high quality graphics, front and back design and high quality paper for just $50.  If you are in the 919 area code, most of the time you can receive them the next business day. Also you can have up to 6 different designs on your business cards making them stand out from the rest. Email me and I will take care of you.


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