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Best Logo Design Co. In Raleigh Area At Price

Bob Walton April 16, 2014

First impressions are lasting impressions when looking 
at a website, print materials, colors & images. Voted 
"Best logo design company in Raleigh, at the price", 919 
Graphic Design announces their graphic design 
services for businesses for their success.

( -- April 16, 2014) Raleigh, NC
Becky Williams, Owner Of 919 Graphic Design, and resident of Clayton, NC Was Just Voted "Best Logo
Design Company in Raleigh At The Price".

Though honored by the internet survey, Becky's focus is not on herself but on her business clients'
graphics and logo needs. "Becky exemplifies high creativity, paired with outstanding results. She
proactively designed our group logo, targeting the key principles and mission of the group. Becky
eagerly seeks out new challenges and completes her goals willingly and goes the extra mile to
ensure customer satisfaction. I highly recommend Becky and 919 Graphic Design, LLC." - Steve
H. (Quote Source: Thumbtack Local Business Service Review)

There are a number of ways businesses use graphics to capture the attention of prospective
clients. From print materials (such as flyers and business cards), to their marketing, colors and
images brighten any marketing campaign and send a direct signal about what the company is and
what it stands for. Now, to help small businesses get more out of their marketing efforts, 919
Graphic Design has announced a specialized graphic design service to help with graphic, social
media and web design.

One of the most important designs a business will use is their logo. This is an image that is difficult
to change once established and therefore must be made right the first time. 919 Graphic Design,
LLC works with businesses to create a professional logo that directly represents the company.

Print materials are also important and nearly every business has some sort of print material on
hand to help promote their company. Business cards are one of the first things companies order
for their employees to hand out at networking events and to anyone that may have an interest in
the company.

Once the basics have been designed and a business is ready to promote, marketers know that the
way they present their graphics on paper, or on the screen, will serve as the first impression in
most situations to a company. For this reason, 919 Graphic Design works with companies to
design logos, flyers, brochures, business cards, marketing materials and websites. They create a
powerful marketing approach while branding a product with the same consistent look and feel.

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